Formax® Inc are part of the Provisur Technologies group of companies. They have earned a reputation as the “Rolls Royce” of industrial food forming with applications to suit all products. Their product range includes.

  • Formax® Maxum 700 – mega capacity forming technology.
  • Formax® Ultra 26 – high capacity formers.
  • Formax® F26-Y Hybrid – value for money for large producers.
  • Formax® F26 – The F26 is the original large capacity forming machine.
  • Formax® F19 – The F19 is for the medium/large processor.
  • Formax® F-400 – The F400 was the first “metric” former from formax.
  • Formax® F-12 – The F12 is a medium capacity burger former.
  • Formax® F-6 – The F6 is the smallest in the range.
  • Formax® also produce a range of accessories and options including:

  • Homestyle patty system
  • Meatball roller
  • XP Extended Stroke
  • Bucket Lift
  • Paper System
  • Shuttle Transfer System
  • Cuber Perforator
  • Tenderisers
  • Shuttle conveyors
  • Vemag buggy lifts
  • Paper interleaving systems.
  • Formax have a range of tooling and filling systems for chopped shaped meats, fish, poultry, vegetarian products, soy and soya products as well as blended cheese, sauces and butters, eg garlic butters for chicken kievs.

    Formax’s cool lite wedge tooling produces homemade looking, exact weight portions for bakery uses.

    Tender-Form® (Tenderform) burgers have better texture, shrink less, cook more evenly and taste homemade. Used on burgers for McDonalds.

    Verti-Form® (Vertiform) creates great whole muscle steaks, ribs, pork, steak burgers etc

    Port-Fill® (Portfill) creates whole muscle portions with great texture and great weight control

    Poultry-Plus® (PoultryPlus) creates chopped and shaped poultry of exact weight portions of a natural texture.

    Forma-Link® (Formalink) creates bratwurst and skinless sausage at high speed.

    True-Sculpt® (Truesculpt) gives the appearance and texture of natural products yet improving portion control.


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