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Story forming machines are leaders in the field of low pressure forming and portioning machinery for potato products and mashed potato shaped foods like waffles, croquettes, novelty shapes etc

They are also well known for their highly rated meat formers, poultry forming machines and equipment for forming fish shapes.

Let us supply you quality remanufactured Stork formers at a fraction of the manufacturer’s price.

Stork RevoPortioner

  • low pressure forming with high capacities.
  • from simple hamburgers to three-dimensional tenderloins and fish fillet shapes.

  • Stork RevoFormer

  • A low pressure former specifically for potato specialities such as waffles, chips, roast and croquettes.

  • Stork PlateFormer

  • High pressure former for potatoes, white meat (chicken and turkey) red meat, fish, shellfish and seafood and vegetarian foods.

  • Stork THV400-E

  • 2 models of this high pressure former are available. The E45 and the higher capacity E65.

  • Stork TEX-10

  • Continuous extender or intermittent former – low pressure forming for up to 2500kg/hour.
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